Some updates

27 05 2008

The competition handbooks have been updated to make clarifications that arose out of questions submitted concerning the intellectual property provisions of the design competition materials. (Please review the handbooks and section 2.10, in particular, carefully.)

Photos of the current CityRacks on NYC streets have also been added in downloads.



1 05 2008

Phew! We finally finished tallying up the registration forms and here’s what we’ve got:

1202 people/teams registered for the sidewalk competition

719 for the in-building competition

Including many ambitious teams who registered for both.

We’ll keep updating this blog as the competition progresses.

Pre-Registration is Now Closed – Thanks!

1 05 2008

Pre-registration for the competition is now closed. If you registered in the past few days you should be receiving an e-mail confirmation shortly. Due to overwhelming response we’re a tiny bit behind on data entry. We have over 1,000 people and teams pre-registered for the outdoor competition and over 500 for the in-building competition. As designs start rolling in we’ll post some sneak previews here so check back often, and thanks again for your interest!