Comment on the Finalists

30 09 2008

Our jury will soon meet to determine the winner, but we’d love to give them as much public feedback as we can. Click on the Comment on the Finalists link at the top and see the proposals, find out where to view the racks on NYC streets and tell us what you think!

If you want to see 9 out of the 10 entries all at once, just head over to Astor Place. The others will be installed at locations around the City starting around the weekend of October 11th. Keep in mind that we are installing them on the streets to test their street worthiness. If the racks are broken or missing this indicates the designs as submitted might not be tough enough for NYC. Vandals are lame, but it’s better to know the pitfalls before we start to mass produce new racks.

Enjoy and tell us what you think!




One response

4 10 2008

Baseline, I was looking for something that is secure and looks good on the streets. The circular ones look secure, as does Miller Ruggerio- only for some reason they all have really narrow bases and looks like rivets might get popped (all it takes is a bit of leverage of the attached bike or with timber post- don’t ask me how I know!). Y-stand looked stronger, and looks like they have thought through how it works with different bikes. Also wide enough to protect bike and stop it being pushed over.
Looks-wise the Y-rack has by far the strongest looks, and the only serious contender in the NYC icon stakes. Even though the paint was already a bit scratched, it still stood out from the crowd on this. I thought most of the others looked pretty generic/ corporate and anonymous. I quite liked the cast iron circular one by Beetlelab in the cooper hewitt museum garden though.
So all things consiedered the Y-stand is NYC for me!


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