Andrew Lang and Harry Dobbs

Andrew Lang and Harry Dobbs

Andrew Lang and Harry Dobbs

See the rack in person here.

Or download the Andrew Lang and Harry Dobbs proposal.

Then tell us what you think below.


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1 10 2008

I like the versatility of the design. Multitude of ways to lock up. Plus it doubles as a seat. However, the materials look cheap, and the design seems not very aesthetically snazzy.

1 10 2008

I like this a lot, I think you get good locking surface and the rack-side pedal can probably slip right underneath it. Smart.

2 10 2008

Of all of them this one looks like it has been thought through the most in terms of security for all types of bikes & was easy to use. Its also probably the most iconic, especially in yellow- though might be good to see in stainless steel as well. As with uptownman- nice that also works as a seat/rest for pedestrians.

2 10 2008

I like the multiple locking possibilities, but some of the other racks offer that as well. I am concerned that it is much too wide for a 5-foot wide NYC sidewalk, crowded with people: is it a traffic barrier or a bike rack?!

3 10 2008

Interesting design, many locking options but takes up a lot of space on the sidewalk. Unfortunately it is perfect for skateboarders to slide on it, the nice yellow paint will be gone from the top and sides in no time, the prototype already has scartches that may be related to this. The seating could be a problem also as bikers may need to ask people to move to lock their bikes, if you live in New York you know this could be really tricky.

3 10 2008

I like that it accommodates different bikes, but unfortunately it only holds two. Nice branding opportunity.

3 10 2008

The fact that someone can confuse this bike rack for a bench, dimishes the whole purpose of it. Moreover, it could be very unstable and dangerous to be sitting there next to a street with lots of cars passing by.

4 10 2008

My favorite- smart idea with the I heart NY logo. Strong looks and feels very New York. Totally dig pedestrian perch idea & a wide stand is exactly I want to help protect my bike from being knocked sideways and damaged- (especially on busy sidewalk). Most of the other designs don’t do this. Also- width should not be a problem- as rack with bike attached will always be wider anyway! Like the yellow but think stainless option would also look smart and be tougher.

4 10 2008

Iconic shape. very unique. I disagree with And08 – the fact it can be also used as a bench is great. By doubling up functions, you can reduce the ammount of street furniture since sidwalks are too cluttered already.

4 10 2008

Good locking and best looking solution! A wider rack is actually pretty useful as helps hold the bike up, stops it getting knocked over and being used as a lever against the lock. Cool that works as a perch – something for everyone. Agree with Chriswise comment though, what about a stainless one? I can see these all over NYC.

5 10 2008

I liked this design a lot from a distance, but close up, the prototype has no details, and is already pretty beat up. I can see these looking sad, chipped and be-stickered after a year.

5 10 2008

on a purely aesthetic level, this was the only finalist whose design seemed to have taken nyc’s unique personality into consideration, rather than simply making one’s own design statement.

5 10 2008

quite wide and definotely will be a magnet for sitting and vagrants.
Looks like a hanger in my closet .. not great

7 10 2008

THIS IS PLAY EQUIPMENT FOR SKATEBOARDERS!!!! They will destroy them in no time. Spend some time at Astor Place and you”ll see what I mean.

The seating could also be a huge problem! If you don’t think so just ask anyone that ever tried to do a bench in NY sidewalks.

8 10 2008

As a devout cyclist its bizarre to hear cyclists complain that a cycle stand may be used by pedestrians to take a rest on, or by skaters when it is not in use to lock a bike. Its beginning to sound as bad as car drivers who complain that cyclists are a pain beacause they take up room on the road.

The Y-stand should be applauded for reminding us that our streets are for us all to share and enjoy: pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and yes, even skaters. This is what makes interesting streets and a great city. If we embrace this idea NYC streets will be lively and active public spaces. If we fear this idea, we will end up with streets as a sterile transport routes, designed to inhibit all uses accept going from A to B. If we cant even support the idea that a cycle rack can also works as an occasional perch, what hope is there? The biggest risk for this whole process is that we forget we are looking for something that will bring something new revitalising and inclusive to the NYC streets and go for something more like a standard municiple bike rack design that we might find in a street furniture catalogue or on the streets of another city. Dont miss the real opportunity here!

8 10 2008

Skateboarders will loosen the mouning plate of the bikerack. We will be complaining about broken bikeracks not about skateboarders using them.

10 10 2008

I would lock my bike to this post. But the design already looks dated to me. And the paint is already all messed up on the prototype in Astor place. I don’t mind that people might sit on them like benches when there are no bikes. I think that makes sense.

14 10 2008

I have locked my bike to this and I like it, although if after 10 days it looks like it needs to be replaced, I wonder what it is going to look like after 10 months! And what is this…a swiss army knife of bike racks? Why can’t it just be a bike rack and drop the nonsense of a skate ramp / bench? Is this for skate boarders OR bikers?

17 10 2008

A contender, but it seems rather large for a narrow sidewalk. I like the bright color, very cheery. Unfortunately the paint has already chipped off…and some of it on my bike!

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