Baroni Valeriani architetti

Baronivaleriani Architetti

Baroni Valeriani architetti

See the rack in person here.

Or download the Baroni Valeriani architetti proposal.

Then leave your comments below.


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30 09 2008

this one looks like a wheel-bender. the scale is much too small.

1 10 2008

This rack makes it very very difficult to lock up the frame. It is not safe from thieves and it will bend wheels.

1 10 2008

I appreciate the aesthetic, but this style of rack is really hard to use and actually lock your bike up properly.

2 10 2008

Like the cork screw form, but it is really problematic for security. It looks like it would work better if it was larger/higher.

3 10 2008

This one is way too small. It only locks one wheel and could be a huge triping hazard as it is difficult to see as you walk along the sidewalk. Ingenious shape but does not work as a bikerack for New York.

3 10 2008

Too low. Doesn’t hold the bikes up well. Can’t lock wheel and frame, which is essential.

3 10 2008

…and it’s an un-original design.

4 10 2008

There are better spiral designs out in the market which are much cheaper to make using tubular steel. This one is way too small and you can’t even lock the frame. Wheel bender designs offer poor security which is a well known fact in cycle parking design.

5 10 2008

This one is so short that the only way to lock up the frame would be to reach down below the chainline. I am picturing a grease tattoo on the sleeve of every shirt I own…

7 10 2008

It is a shame the scale is completely off, it could habe been a contender.

10 10 2008

This is terrible. In the proposal materials, they only have bikes with their wheel locked up. You can get a U-lock on the bottom part of your frame, but I’d be nervous about dogs going on my lock. The scale is inexplicable. It’s almost as if the manufacturer got the units wrong. Maybe the plans were in inches but the factory worked with centimeters?

14 10 2008

Absolutely dreadful — a trip hazard at best!

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