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1 10 2008

The design is both striking and practical. Multiple ways to lock up. Good looking materials. My only concern is how well does this stay in the ground. It seems very top-heavy and under supported.

2 10 2008

Good points uptownman. I also wonder how many bikes can be locked to three of these racks. They look very close together. Also, if they are used to park multiple bikes, won’t that create a barrier that might hinder sidewalk access?

2 10 2008

I liked the raw iron one in the Cooper Hewitt- felt really natural in the garden. But don’t think it worked so well in silver on the city streets in Astor Place installation. As with uptown man- could be vulnerable to knocking over.

2 10 2008

I could rip this thing out of the sidewalk!

3 10 2008

The renderings look really cool and elegant but I was disapointed with the prototype. It looks very rough to the point that it could scratch expensive bikes. The silver paint does not really work with it. Also, the mounting to the sidewalk looks weird, does not feel stable enough.

3 10 2008

Very sexy look. Again, not sturdy. Single mounting point is just asking to be broken. Expensive casting for only holding two bikes.

3 10 2008

This design looks nice at first but when you take a closer looks it seems that it’s very unstable. It doesn’t look like it could handle the busy NYC traffic. Plus I’m not sure about the materials…

4 10 2008

It looks nice in the renders, but its too thin and fragile. By creating this image, it’s asking for people to come and give it a kick. The base connection is not very convincing and I wouldn’t feel safe locking my bike to it.

5 10 2008

this design is strong , practical and beautiful . It uses a minimum of sidewalk space , it seems to be in movement , rolling onthe side .. it is just perfect specially compared wiht the other entries . teh rusted iron look is so New york..

7 10 2008

Ok, but a little boring. This thing is embedded in the sidewalk, is the City really going to do that?

8 10 2008

I like this one, again one of the few in the selection that doesnt feel like I could find it in a catalogue

9 10 2008

The graphics look really nice, but the real one doesn’t look so good. The small base has the same problem as the the other round with the vertical bar, but these guys have solved it by casting it into the ground rather than using bolts. Why don’t we do this on all our bike racks, it makes good sense! Good thinking!

10 10 2008

Elegant. Simple. Minimal. Functional. One couldn’t ask for more.

10 10 2008

I agree that this looks like it’s not that durable. Like you could kick it over. Even if it proves to be sturdy enough, a bike rack should look strong.

14 10 2008

Nicer in the renderings, but looks poor as a prototype. Works well though.

24 10 2008

I like this one….can’t wait to park my bike to this rack…..

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