Federico Otero


Federico Otero

See the rack in person here.

Or download the Federico Otero proposal.

Then leave your comments below.


6 responses

1 10 2008

While the racks appears solid, the design seems dated already.

2 10 2008

Didnt manage try it, as only had one bike- but looks like it takes more than 2 bikes which is smart. Not sure its strong enough aestheically though- feels more at home in office park than throughout streets of New York.

3 10 2008

I like this one but the mounting to the sidewalk is really weak, it moves when when you push it. The tubing also looks like it would be easy to cut and does not feel as sturdy as some of the others. Good idea but needs a lot of work.

3 10 2008

Almost ripped out of the ground by hand. Also, puts bikes on an angle most likely to fall over when overcrowded.

5 10 2008

The low side doesn’t seem to have a function… it’s too low to lean a bike on, and just sorta gets in the way if you lean a bike on the high side.

7 10 2008

There is only one piece left on the sidewalk, I guess someone stole it or broke it. I’ll be back to check this one out.

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