Francis Anthony Bitonti (FADarch)

Francis Anthony Bitonti (FADarch)

Francis Anthony Bitonti (FADarch)

Installation coming soon!

For now, download the Francis Anthony Bitonti (FADarch) proposal.

Then leave your comments below.


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1 10 2008

The odd angles that bikes must park at this rack actually make it less efficient at parking multiple bicycles.

1 10 2008

One would really have to test this design in person to tell, but it seems too complicated to be useful and fit a wide range of bikes. I like the bulbous shape, it kind of looks like an elongated street booger (this is a good thing, actually…)

3 10 2008

ok GREAT sculpture but NOT a bikerack. I don’t think anyone would remotely think or notice this blob is meant to park bikes. Just call it public art and be done with it. Love the shape.

3 10 2008

Why did this make it to the final 10? It is completely worthless. The prototype broke on it’s first day out. How is it produced? How do you lock a bike to it? Do you you really envision thousands of these blobs mounted all over NYC? I think not.

4 10 2008

What is the point of this rack? Although it is nice sculpturally, this entry does not consider any of the issues of bicycle security or usability.

5 10 2008

All those horizontal bits near the ground are just there to trip over, or irritatingly make your bike roll backwards as you’re trying to lock it. And all those curved surfaces will make your bike keel over unless perfectly balanced. Just godawful.

7 10 2008

Ok, another one missing. What is it anyway, I don’t get it.

10 10 2008

Bizarre. A visual blight on the cityscape.

10 10 2008

I saw this bike rack at the Cooper Hewitt Museum along with the other finalist. This is by far the best design in the competition. It is orginal, creative and bold. A great city like New York needs an icon like this. FADarch has my vote!

17 10 2008

DEFINITELY my favourite. The design is so secure that I don’t even need to bother using my lock. It is so unique that they will steal the rack before they steal my bike.

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