Ignacio Ciocchini

Ignacio Ciocchini

Ignacio Ciocchini

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1 10 2008

This design is very functional, and the circle is much much better than the M shape. However, the design seems a bit sterile for NYC. Looks better suited to a well manicured new urbanist development than the streets of NYC.

2 10 2008

Very well made prototype, and looks solid. Though again- feels like a generic solution for cycle rack- and not very specific to New York.

3 10 2008

This one looks cool and the prototype feels extremely sturdy. The ring is big enough to lock wheels and frame and the green post reminded me of New York City street name signs. Not sure how the NYC logo is attached there, I could see people trying to take it. Overall this is definately one of my favorites.

3 10 2008

Clean look. This would look nice in the city, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s rather flimsy with the single mounting point, it almost broke. Also, unoriginal design. Doesn’t address any current issues with the current racks.

3 10 2008

Ignacio Ciochini’s design is what NYC needs: a bike rack that’s strong enough for the busy streets of New York, and that it also looks nice. Good choice with the green color which matches the new byke path on the streets. This bike rack really gets what NYC is all about.

4 10 2008

This is my favorite prototype! It’s elegant and simple. I love the NYC logo down the middle. I think it will look great in front of modern buildings, as well as next to more old fashioned ones.
The green color in the middle calls to what biking is all about. And it looks very sturdy, NYC-proofed.

4 10 2008

Slightly bland and corporate design. Generous size of the ring allows good locking positions, but the ‘fin’ supporting the ring is too thin and does not give a sense of robustness.

5 10 2008

Nicely functional, but little personality.

5 10 2008

Aesthetically pleasing and functional; Something that can’t be said for most of the other designs. The design approach works well in a variety of settings and conditions. The design relates to the diverse architecture of the city. This bike rack will go far in branding bicycle initiatives city wide.

7 10 2008

Now, this one feels like it will last a long time and it looks like a bicycle wheel!!! I like the NYC logo and the green color. The bolts on the base look a little weird! The best so far!

8 10 2008

Generic and unoriginal design competently executed. It can lock a bike quite well, but is similar to many of the designs you can go an order out of a catalogue right now.

9 10 2008

BIG PROBLEM- Agree with aarontsui comment. Believe me, in some locations in NYC this will not last very long as any half intent vandal can easily twist this rack to make the base bolts pop out. The base fixing is far to small and its easy to get good leverage with the tall circular shape, not to mention with a bike on it as well. Infact even the current inverted U racks had some issues here and they have double the fixing area and less leverage opportunity. Essentially this rack and the other round rack by Bettlelab have the same issue, but Bettlelab have got around it by casting it into the ground. There is a fundamental problem here that needs to be rectified, as shown in this link- http://www.streetsblog.org/2007/06/08/cyclists-be-warned-new-city-bike-racks-may-not-be-secure/

10 10 2008

I have been riding my bike in Manhattan for 10 years and I think this is the best new design and fully functional as well.. I think it fits right into the NYC vibe. . I think this new design allows you to lock your bike in different positions which gives my more security..

10 10 2008

This is my favorite design. It’s attractive enough, compact, functional, and looks sturdy. If they modify the mounting so that they can cast it into the ground then they’ve solved chelseasmiler’s problem. I’m not so concerned with originality. These things are going to be all over the place and by definition they will be the city’s generic bike rack. You want them to eventually blend into the background. If these bike racks are too striking or try to be to design-ish then they wouldn’t feel like they belong in New York. The trick is to come up with design improvements while still conveying a sense of utilitarianism. I think this rack does just that.

14 10 2008

I think this is a solid design and aesthetically complements the newsstands and bus shelters, however that’s not what this city is about! Safe and bland design, maybe better for another city?

14 10 2008

All cities deserve good design, even the bland ones. New York deserves GREAT design and this is one, I think. It has a cool utilitarian look packed with personality and elegance. It is very apropiate for New York and it clearly shows its function and purpose. I only saw the street sign connection but this would also look great next to the new green bikelanes NYC is installing.

15 10 2008

This is my favorite design. The wheel reference makes it blend with the actual bike. Visual simplicity and functionality make more sense in an urban landscape as overwhelming as NYC’s. It is elegant and doesn’t scream “I’m here,” which would turn it into an eyesore in a matter of days. A piece like this has to be thought of in terms of its real place in the city. It’s not a museum piece. Having said that, I think virtually any prototype could be bolted out or destroyed, but this one feels sturdier than the current bike racks.

15 10 2008

This is by far my favorite of all the designs!!! It has NYC written all over it, from it’s clean, utilitarian design to it’s incredible functionality. Such an improvement from the bland design currently in use. This is the future of NYC. This is a winner!!

15 10 2008

I like this bike rack. It’s easy to recognize and it stands out from the rest. I like the use of green color. I also think it would be cool to have the pole in different colors, depending on the area.

15 10 2008

This is easily the most attractive of all the designs, and very functional as well. I like being able to lock in multiple locations around the rack, and the tube ring appears to work the best. The rack could easily be made to embed in a foundation if needed, especially with the single support post. The unit is well designed and solidly built, and I like the nod to a bicycle wheel and center hub.

16 10 2008

The simple elegance of the design is what I like. Its not overstated and it wont block congested streets. I can lock my bike in the direction of traffic and not worry about people bumping into it. I haven’t tried sitting on it tho, but that’s what benches are for.

By far my favorite design.

17 10 2008

Totally agree with Uptownman: STERILE! It may be solid and functional but totally boring. Its only a slight improvement on the horrible (and unsecure) bent U-tube racks. New York City deserves better than this!

17 10 2008

Although well executed, this rack is boring, I don’t buy the green cycle lane and wheel reference. The shape and choice of colours is way too corporate.

However I just don’t think we have much choice in this competition. It’s boiling down to either the Y rack, the diamond, or this one.

What is wrong with an inverted U-rack anyways? There is no point in redesigning something that works perfectly well. The cheapest, most effective and secure design is an inverted U-rack with a crossbar and two ends securely bolted into the pavement.

All these prototypes look flashy but they are so expensive that it is not possible to have them made in vast numbers. What we need is as many bicycle stands in as many locations as possible and this will not be achieved with fancy racks.

The competition should have looked at creative ways of making the U-rack more beautiful and secure whilst keeping in mind of ease of manufacture. This might lend to imaginative designs made from bent steel tubing for example and would be something bicycle rack manufacturers could start producing thousands of.

At the moment, my vote is for the U-rack!

20 10 2008

I love this design. I think is simple and yet suggests a New York state of mind: rich and pragmatic at the same time.
It looks solid, functional and not very expensive to produce.

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