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1 10 2008

This is a really interesting idea, but can will it hold up to an electric saw? I also worry about how the rack will deal with rust damage in the inevitable saw wounds.

2 10 2008

Really interesting idea- but is it possible to change the outer coating from plastic- as with Miller Ruggerio the plastic will easily suffer marking, cuts, burns. One other concern to resolve is whether it can hold its form over time- after being pushed over alot, it feels like it will lose its stiffness and stay pushed over/ flop around a bit.

3 10 2008

Again, the prototype of this one looks a little different than the rendering shown here. I agree, it is a good idea, I’m just not sure plastic is the right choice for this aplication. The bikerack moves a lot when pushed and this could help with maintaining the wheels intact but it definately makes it feel unsafe even if it is not. They better test it really well if they pick this one.

3 10 2008

Interesting concept. My main concern with this one is the flexibility. It’s nice that you can shape the rack into different forms, but it just feels strange locking your bike to something that is flexible. Doesn’t feel safe.

4 10 2008

You can bend this rack just by simply pushing it, how can it support a bicycle? The rendering is much more elegant that the actual prototype as the junction where the cable joins to itself is pretty ugly.

5 10 2008

Ha! The one at Astor looks just like a cable lock, which is witty. But my first reaction is that I had one of those cable locks cut and a bike stolen. Combine that with the fact that it flexes, and I’d be nervous. Perhaps irrationally. But nervous, still. Also not sure how pretty that clear plastic coating would look after a couple of seasons; if they got scratched and nicked into opacity through (ab)use, they’d just be depressing.

5 10 2008

Seems that it would be unstable and allow bikes lean over to the sidewalk taking more pedestrian sapce . or on to the street and being smashed.

7 10 2008

Oh man! ingenious but, how is this made? will it last? is it too flexible? too many unknowns.

9 10 2008

Cool idea & not seen this type of stand before. On the one hand its softness means you cant lever it out of the ground, but over time might also end up bending all over the place. The rack looks nice though.

10 10 2008

So I went to see this bike rack at Astor place today and it’s already broken. One of the ends popped out of the mount and the cable is sticking in the air. Aside from that, this is not a very good concept for a bike rack. You can’t even lean your bike on this thing. I’m paranoid about my bike getting knocked over and run over by a car when it’s tied to a signpost, and this design seems to be worse than a signpost. I appreciate the wit involved with it looking like a cable lock except that cable locks are not good locks. If it’s meant to be ironic, then it should be especially sturdy, but it’s not. If it’s a prank, then good prank.

23 10 2008

Hi. just wanted to update on this rack: I saw it when it had been broken, with one end sticking up into the air. I see they’ve “fixed” it, by putting a new, different kind of core in. HOWEVER – I think whoever is running this competition is practicing Negligence by letting this bike rack stay there.

Last night I walked by, someone’s ~nice bike was locked to it. That rack is unsafe, can be easily broken again. It is a clever design, but really, really, really wrong to let it stay there, endangering the safety of otherwise-trusting bike owners.

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