Stephan Jaklitsch Architects PC

Stephan Jaklitsch Architects PC

Stephan Jaklitsch Architects PC

See the racks in person here.

Or download the Stephan Jaklitsch Architects PC proposal.

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1 10 2008

It’s simple, elegant, and sturdy. And not trying too hard.

1 10 2008

These racks may be difficult to get some locks around. The lower height options may also bend wheels. Also, the materials don’t look like they will age well. Might work well in the Meatpacking District or near MoMA, but they seem to miss some of the soul of NYC.

1 10 2008

hmm, i might agree with you ‘uptownman’, except that the image above is probably outdated. the prototype looks much slimmer in person, and if you actually go and touch it, it seems really sturdy and durable. i think it’s solid steel, actually. still my favorite.

2 10 2008

The one in Cooper Hewitt garden looks slick- and was trying to work out how its is made. More urban jewelry than cycle stand though- as practical aspects aren’t very well considered.

3 10 2008

This is a collection of sculptures, form over function. The top is too thin, the bottom is too wide, the painted surfaces or super glossy finish for contact areas with bikes won’t last too long. Nice shape but it does not look like a bikerack.

3 10 2008

Nice sculpture, but it doesn’t read as a bike rack, nor does it feel secure. Also an expensive casting for holding a couple bikes.

4 10 2008

The proportions look odd, the top is too thin, and the bottom too wide for locks. Its made of solid stainless steel which is way too expensive – it is economically impossible to roll this out all over the city.

5 10 2008

Wayyyyy too big . Not to be placed on sidwalks

6 10 2008

I tried locking up to all the ones at Astor Place and this one was my favorite. countrytoconcrete is right — the design on display down there is slimmer than shown in the picture and I had no trouble locking to it using a medium sized U-lock. I like the way the rack’s design follows the contour of most bike frames, affording multiple points to lock along the frame. Also, the design is simple yet elegant, and it looks great in green.

7 10 2008

Well, I did not think it was too big but I have to agree with some of the other comments. Not my cup of tea.

9 10 2008

I like this one. cberthat- how is it way too big???? Has a good crisp look to it and worked quite well.

14 10 2008

I agree that this one has a crisp look, though I’m not sure it is an improvement over the current racks. In fact, it has to be cast into the pavement: clean, but will the city want to do this each and every time?

17 10 2008

Works well, but how do we know this is a bike rack?

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