Open Thread Design

Open Thread Design

See the rack in person here.

Or download the Open Thread Design proposal.

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13 responses

1 10 2008

I like the idea of a having bike racks double as sign poles to clear up the sidewalks. However, this is another very practical design that just isn’t terribly exciting.

1 10 2008

I like this one, the bendy bits at the end strike me as good platforms to set the bag down to dig out a lock or key/etc.

2 10 2008

This rack is well designed and more importantly utilitarian, you can lock up to 4 bikes to this rack or possibly more, it also offers many angles and positions for lock up of various sized bikes, the other racks in the the line up would be hard pressed to lock 2 or more bikes at a time! It seems very well suited for heavy use areas or for parks. Bravo!

2 10 2008

Some interesting thoughts in this, but hasnt been pulled together into a well considered design that would work well and look good accross NYC.

3 10 2008

Good functionality but the shape is odd looking. I don’t think this is necesarily beatifull but it could work. It also takes up a lot of space.

3 10 2008

Weren’t they proposing a tall sign-post design? This zigzag alternative is huge, and it only holds two bikes at best. It doesn’t benefit from having that weird zigzag shape at all. A lot of material, bending, and welding for not a lot of security and capacity. Oh yeah, it’s also really ugly.

4 10 2008

hmm, I’m not sure what they are trying to achieve with this shape, it looks pretty ugly and takes up way too much space. Surprised this made the final ten. The plus side is that skateboarders would love to grind on this rack.

5 10 2008

Another painted steel, square-tubed design that’ll probably wind up looking like most of the current U-racks in a year: stickered, graffiti-tagged and dented. Could hold more than two bikes IF the first person to the rack locked her bike to the corners, but the affordance of this thing is to lean your bike centered on the rack (not tucked into those little nooks like in the pictures). If that’s the case, you’ve got a big, swoopy thing that takes up a lot of sidewalk for two bikes. I’d rather have two racks of smaller design in this space.

5 10 2008

this is really enormous . so cumbersome. takes too much space. not for sidewalks

7 10 2008

I don’t like this one, I don’t care how many bikes you can put on it.

10 10 2008

I actually like the single post design a lot, but I haven’t seen a prototype of it. The 4 bike design is no good. I agree with mlascarides. There is no way that you’re going to get 4 bikes on that thing. First person is going to lock right to the center of it. And it’s huge. But the 2 bike design looks good on paper at least.

14 10 2008

Um, is this for my horse or my bike?! Much too wide for the city streets and don’t see how this is an improvement over the existing designs. I agree with Chungle that the proposed design is more interesting than the prototyped one.

17 10 2008

Though it is ugly and could work on a square as installed at Astor Pl, it would never cut it on a sidewalk in Greenwich Village, as it is much too wide even without the bikes.

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